Single Touch Payroll - AUSkey and Software ID FAQ's

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  • Do I need an AUSkey to use Reckon GovConnect STP?
The only time you need a business or tax agent AUSkey to use Reckon GovConnect STP is to register the Software ID with the ATO is if you are doing this with the ATO Access Manager.

If you do not wish to use AUSkey you can call the ATO to register your Software ID. The phone number is 1300 852 232.

You will need Reckon Limited’s ABN which his 14 003 348 730 and the Software ID which was generated in your GovConnect STP app.

You'll find the Software ID in the Company & Advisers section in GovConnect STP, more info here -
Where is my Software ID for GovConnect Single Touch Payroll (STP)?
Please note: For Reckon Accounts Hosted users, you will notice a Software ID listed inside Hosted itself, this is separate and not related to Single Touch Payroll services. Please do NOT use the Software ID listed inside Reckon Accounts Hosted itself for Single Touch Payroll, only use the Software ID in GovConnect STP.
  • How do I register my Software ID with the ATO Access Manager?
Open and click Login


In the drop down box, choose your local AUSkey.
If your local AUSkey is not found you may need to re-download it. Once you have selected a credential from the list, click Continue


Once you have logged in, click 'My hosted SBR software services' in the left hand menu


Once the screen loads, click 'Notify the ATO of your hosted service'


In the ABN field enter the ABN number for Reckon Limited which is 14003348730. Click search.
Reckon Limited should then appear in the software service provider list. Click 'Reckon Limited'


You then need to enter the Software ID from Reckon GovConnect STP (launching on Thursday 28 June 2018).
Once you have done this, click Next.

The Software ID is now registered and you should be able to submit Single Touch Payroll data via Reckon GovConnect STP!

  • I am a Tax Agent/Bookkeeper that runs the payroll entirely for my client as an outsourced solution. Should I sign up for Reckon GovConnect STP myself or have the client do it?
If you as the tax agent/bookkeeper, run the payroll entirely outsourced it probably makes most sense for you to setup Reckon GovConnect STP and then report for your client.
  • Can I as a tax agent submit the data on my clients behalf? Do I need to use my tax agent AUSkey?
Yes, once you setup your details in the Company & Adviser section of Reckon GovConnect STP, the transmissions will be sent as if reported from the agent.
You only need to use a tax agent AUSkey if you are registering a Software ID via ATO Access Manager.


  • Kelly Leaning-Dalley
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    We don't use the ATO access manager - can we get our Tax agent to hook up the software ID for us even though we lodge the STP?
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    Hi Kelly,
    Your tax agent will be able to do this only if they submit on your behalf. In this case as you're lodging yourself that doesn't apply, so the alternative method if you don't use the Access Manager is to call the ATO and register your Software ID.
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