Needing Help with entering a profit withdrawal.

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Needing Help. We are a family trust business and i need to apply a drawing taken out for our profit from the last financial year . Needing info as How to enter this withdrawal into reckon program?


  • Lynda Chater_9039203
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    The withdrawal is done as a payment from the accounts.  (Go to Day to Day - Money Out - Make a payment) You will just need to apply the payment to the expense or liability account in your chart of accounts for the drawing.



  • Tracey_9700396
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    Hi Lynda,

    I Don't have a day to day option. I have Reckon Accounts Plus.
  • Tanya Briggs
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    Write a Cheque.  Your accountant should be able to advise which account (usually an Equity account) to code the drawings to .