Income from a Payment Provider (Ezidebit) or Dept of Education

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Hello, I work at a childcare provider who uses a 3rd party to receive funds from our clients. Fortnightly they will deposit funds received into our bank account.  We also receive funds from the Dept of Education for any Child Care Benefits/Rebates.   Fees from the payment provider are invoiced separately.  My question is how to correctly set up in Reckon and process the income.

My thought is to set them up as a customer and enter payments recieved via a sales receipt which requires the use of an item.  As this is not really a charge I am unsure what 'Type' to use when setting a item. Or is there another way to do this.

I appreciate any help provided


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    Hi Creena.  Set it up as a non-inventory item.  I also work in the Education arena and almost all of my items have been set up as non-inventory.  Then use a sales receipt to record it and memorise the transaction so that you can readily use it next month when you receive your next round of funding.
    John L G
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    Great, thank you John. That is very helpful.
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