Can't Save As PDF - The Fix

Shane Harris
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After upgrading to 2018 I found i was unable to save as PDF anymore.

I tried the PDF fix tool with no luck and a bunch of other online articles.

Here is how I managed to get it to work:

1. Open "Devices and Printers" and delete any pdf printers relating to Quickbooks.
2. Add a new printer and choose local.
3. Under use an existing port, choose XPSPort: (Local Port) and click next.
4. Under manufacturer, choose AMYUNI Technologies and then choose Amyuni Document Converter 550 and click next. (If you dont see this manufacturer, go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Intuit\Reckon Accounts 2018\ and run install.exe - once you do this you will need to delete the Amyuni Printer that is added)
5. Choose "Use the driver that is currently installed"
6. Name the as follows and it must be exact "Reckon Accounts V5 PDF Converter"
7. Click next, and then next again.
8. Right click the new printer you just made and set it as the default.
9. Open quickbooks and try saving to PDF, if you get a printer not activated error, set another printer as default, then set the Reckon V5 printer as default again (while quickbooks is open)
10. Try saving to PDF again.
11. It should work now, once it is working you can set your normal printer as the default again.

Hopefully this helps with the headaches.



  • Shane Harris
    Shane Harris Member Posts: 11
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    If you try this and it works for you please let me know.
  • Shane Harris
    Shane Harris Member Posts: 11
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    I'm afraid so, at least it was for me.