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We have 5 users and today only 1 user is affected and can no longer see all customers.  I am admin and my users have full access permissions.

We have been on the phone now twice to try and resolve however the techs were unable to fix and now we have been waiting for a call back.  User is now in the 3rd hour of not being able to create jobs for customers.  Can someone help in the meantime waiting for this phone call??


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    I know I might be stating the obvious but have you checked that this user doesn't have a filter on the customer list maybe?    check the settings at the top of the Customer Centre under View and Find?
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    Thats ok Linda, yes we and Reckon Tech have tried all view options, all resetting user preferences options but to no avail.  Thank you though, looks like we'll just have to be patient and wait for them to call us back.
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    ok - that is particularly strange - can you please post the resolution here when you have it?  I have never heard of this before!
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