Can you add the Supplier Part Number column to a Purchase Order template?

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Admittedly I'm new to Reckon Accounts (Premier 2018 Desktop) but I've not had any luck searching Google or the Reckon website!

In the Quotation template (from Proposals & Estimates) the form includes the Supplier P/N column - which we hide when providing a statement so an additional question is can I remove that column from the quotation that goes to a customer? - but the purchase order form doesn't have that field and I have to manually add it to the description field for each item before sending the PO.

Is there a way to add the "Supplier P/N" to the form?

Maybe it's just me but it seems like the Purchases & Estimates form and the Purchase Order form need to be swapped for us!


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    Hi have you been into the template for each form & had a look at additional customisation?
    List - Templates - select which form your want - additional customisation - columns (man. part number on our system), click screen & print.  Layout designer will allow you to change how it looks or move if overlapping each over.
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    I worked it out myself! The answer is "Yes".

    The steps I used:
    1. Open a blank purchase order
    2. Click on customise -> Manage Templates
    3. Selected the default Purchase Order Template and made a copy called "test" (not creative I know, but it served it's purpose because I messed it up a couple of times!)
    4. Selected my test template and clicked OK
      The bit where I originally got stuck was I missed was the "Additional Customisation" button!
    5. Hit the Additional Customisation button
    6. Under the Columns tab - put a tick in the Screen and Print boxes for "Other 1" and give it the label "Supplier P/N".
    That was it really. Easy when you know how ...  Although I've yet to test if creating a PO from an existing quotation will bring the Supplier P/N across.
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    Hi Kellie! Yup ... That's what I missed! I didn't see your reply before I posted my own face-palm follow up! :)
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    Hi Robert

    There is actually already a designated default label for this - "Manufacturer's Part Number". 
    You will see this field when you create/view an Inventory or Non-Inventory Part Item (in the "Edit Item" screen)

    If you put the MPN in there, you can add this specific column "Man.Part Num" / "MPN" to your PO template & it will automatically display as per the data you've entered.

    Alternatively, use your Supplier's Part Number as your Item "Name". 
    I group my Items by Supplier using their Part Numbers.  This allows you to view/print all your Supplier's Items not just in the List but also in the Item field dropdown & even allows you to print a "Supplier Price List" 

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