Activation of Quicken 2011

Clinton Williams
Clinton Williams Member Posts: 1
My hard drive at home died and I've had to reinstall my copy of Quicken 2011. It now requires me to activate it again but the original key does not work. I have tried to ring the number provided but my working hours are longer than the support hours is there another way to reactivate my product?


  • Magilla Gorilla
    Magilla Gorilla Member Posts: 4

    I have exactly this same problem. I entered the activation key from the website but it installs and then gives an error

    I get an error code 7089 and an error file which I cant send for some reason

  • Magilla Gorilla
    Magilla Gorilla Member Posts: 4

    thanks. Whats the latest version

  • Magilla Gorilla
    Magilla Gorilla Member Posts: 4

    Hi Kevin.

    Thank you very much for your support. I really appreciate it

    So I have downloaded Quicken 2020 on a free 30 day trial. It costs $30 pa

    I was able to recover all my files and even get up and start using the accounts again in this package. It looks and feels similar and looks to have the goods for my personal use despite being USA based. I like the 24/7 chat line support.

    I was looking at the Reckon Accounts Personal Plus 2021 at $180 or maybe even the Reckon Online at $8 per month

    What's your thoughts on those?