Reckon One - Reporting PAYG monthly and not quarterly?

Ren MorrowRen Morrow Member Posts: 2
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As a Medium withholder (witholds $25,001 to $1 million a year) we need to comply with the following ATO requirements:
  • pay withholding amounts to them each month
  • report withholding on activity statements received each month.
How do I make this work using Reckon One? I can only find the option to report PAYG quarterly. It adds the PAYG's all up at the end of the quarter and reports them in the quarterly BAS.
I need to only have the last month of the quarter added to the BAS report and not the 3 months.
Has anyone found a way to make Reckon One work in this instance, there must be a lot of users in this situation.  If anyone can provide a detailed explanation of how they manage this I would be very grateful.  Thanks in advance


  • Linda BenfieldLinda Benfield Member Posts: 77
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    Hi Ren,

    When I contacted Reckon about this they advised that it was in the pipeline to update the PAYG options.

    In the mean time I save the Payroll Report and enter the figures from there. Not ideal but I think the introduction of STP used up the resources that would have been available to work on things like this.

    Yes it is frustrating so I'm sure it will be updated soon.


  • MikeMike Member Posts: 3
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    I've hit the very same limitation. Just switched over to Reckon One at the beginning of this financial year and then tried to generate my first monthly BAS report today. 

    It shouldn't be an enhancement too difficult to implement....
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