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Donna ClementsDonna Clements Member Posts: 7
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I have printed our staff payment summarues fine. Some employees wish to have them via email When I open the email payment summary window. I get a mesage saying 'no employyess have been paid in the given year'.
When I open the print payment summary all the employees are listed correctly. Any suggestions welcome.


  • John GraetzJohn Graetz Member Posts: 1,645 ✭✭✭
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    Donna.   Have you checked that you have the correct year selected?  It sounds as if it has defaulted to 2018/19 instead of 2017/18.  Do you have your employees records setup so that forms can be both emailed and printed?
    John L G
  • Sue RenoufSue Renouf Member Posts: 34
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    Hi Donna,
    Or it might be that you need to check their Preferred Send Form Method in the employee details. If it is set to Print it will not show under email. If you change the setting to Both, then you will be able to print and email.
    Sue Renouf
  • Jennifer HallJennifer Hall Member Posts: 4
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    Yes I agree. I always set prefences to Both in the employee card
  • Donna ClementsDonna Clements Member Posts: 7
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    thanks for your comments. I think the problem was the preferred send method. I will amend that now. And yes I did have the correct year selected.
    cheers and thanks
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