STP how can i reconcile gross pays in Reckon Accounts to what has been uploaded to GovConnect portal

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The system as I see it requires pay runs to be uploaded to the GovConnect portal on completion of each days pay run.  Is there a way I can tell which pays have been uploaded to check if any have been missed?  I cant do a report in the GovConnect portal?


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    Hi Adam

    You can click on the "Details" link on your uploaded STP File in the Portal & this will show you the totals for each employee's Pay in that file.

    I created my own report in RA for cross checking - just a modified "Payroll Summary" (Hours & Rate removed/unticked) using "This Payroll Year-to-date" date range & with "Display columns by" as "Two week" (for our fortnightly pay cycles but you can also choose weekly, 4-weekly, monthly etc according to your specific scenario)

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    Thanks, yes I was aware of the "Detail" link in the Portal but this only lets me view the details of the payment made on that date. 
    What I would like to do is download a file of transactions that have been submitted for a period, eg last month.  I could then match these totals to a report like you describe from RA.  
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    I have reviewed my stp details, and it appears that 2 employees gross amounts are different to what is iin their payslip in accounts.?  How can this be right. PAYGW are both matching.
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