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When we have Direct Credit deposits, I enter these into Reckon under 'make deposit'. This does not come up with any GST. How can I find this? or is the deposit feature not for this purpose - if not, what is it for and how should i be recording DC. 
We record day to day sales - cash or EFT through sales receipt.


  • Linda Benfield
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    Hi Kelly,

    You are correct there is no GST option in the make deposit window.

    Make Deposits is used for grouping Sale payments into one deposit, like Cash/Cheques, EFTPOS daily sales/payments etc... So they match the single amount on the Bank Statement.

    However you need to record the sale first as either a Sales Receipt to Undeposited Funds or an invoice payment to Undeposited Funds and then the payments appear and can be ticked to be grouped as one deposit.

    Hope that helps


  • John Graetz
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    Hi Kelly.  Further to what Linda has said, if you are creating a sales receipt for a direct deposit, there is no need to send it to Undeposited Funds first - it can be directed straight to the bank account and thereby save a transaction.  
    John L G
  • Kelly_9738639
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    Thanks for your help all. Yes - we use the deposits to match the single accounts on the bank statement.. but in the deposits I have entered these straight to the bank account they are in, not to undeposited funds.
    I have made a number of deposits like this, but these have now been reconciled as well. How would you go about correcting this?