Is there anywhere else I can find a Pay Slip Template?

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I need to change the business name showing on the Pay Slip Template. When I go into the Template section and look at the default Pay Slip it is in a different format to the one that gets e-mailed out. Is there anywhere else that this template could be hiding?

I am aware that I can copy and make my own but it is still in a different format then what is used now. The drop down box in the Pay Slips to e-mail box shows <standard - one per page> as the template name but I can not find this anywhere!!!

Can anyone shed some light on this?


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    Hi Caroline

    The "<standard ..." Pay Slip showing is the default (built-in) version.  The Templates list doesn't show this one as it is not customisable.

    If you are wanting to use a customised version, firstly ensure it is not "Inactive".  (Any template with an "x" to the left of its name in the Templates List, means it is inactive & will not show as an option for use in any template dropdown lists.  Click on the "x" to make it "Active" again)

    Also, make sure all employees have "Both" selected as the "Preferred Send Form Method" in their record (on their "Address and Contact" tab)

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