Enter BAS Payment

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I need to enter my BAS payment. Please answer clearly.. I have baby brain and need a simple answer please :) My accountant has said "Some of our client’s code the ATO payments (spend money / make a payment) to an ATO Clearing Account (liability), the payment is then offset with the relevant $ amount for GST and PAYG withholding journaled from the respective accounts.  If you are after something more detailed, we would recommend having a look at the Reckon help menu"

Can someone please outline what I need to do?? This was my last quarter. Cheers!
1A You owe ATO $4616
1B ATO Owes you                  $1499
G1 Total Sales $50777 inc GST
W1 Wages $12405

W2 Amount withheld $2289
4 Income tax withheld                 $2409

Total paid to ATO (1A+W2-1B) =  $5406