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When looking at the report “Portfolio Value and Cost Basis”.
I find I have a share with a $0.00 value cost base but a current balance of $77.76
This share has been sold and therefore does not appear in my portfolio. My portfolio balance differs by this amount from the above report.
I have run Validate without any errors.
How can I correct the report and why is it incorrect?


  • Jiney
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    Can't say why it is incorrect. However, to fix it, why not go to Transaction List, Enter Transactions, scroll down to Cash transferred into account and complete. Hopefully, it will fix it.
  • MarkR
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    Thanks for the reply Jiney. The problem is that I have a current value in the report for a share I no longer have. It is not in my portfolio view and this is correct. Taking money in or out of the account changes the balance of the account but not the value of the share holding in the report. What I need to trace is where the value in the report came from.
  • Robyn Kelly (Partner)
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    Mark were you participating in DRP?  If so could be the cash balance of DRP?  Click on "Customise" to customise the "Portfolio & Cash Basis" report and click on the "Securities" tab.  Now make sure there is a tick on the "No Security (includes Cash)" box.

    Hope that works?
    Regards, Robyn Kelly