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Trevor Cuerden
Trevor Cuerden Member Posts: 11
Morning All!

Please could you give us an idea of the new features of Personal Plus 2019?

Is it worth the upgrade?

How long before we get a mobile version?

Looking forward to a lengthy response!




  • Rav
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    Hi Trevor,
    While I don't have the full details of the new version at this stage from what I understand there won't be any significant changes to the front end of the program. Tax legislation/compliance updates will of course be integrated.

    There are no plans for a cloud or mobile compatible version of the Personal Range. The longer term view is that we'll look at incorporating the unique functionality that exists in these versions specifically into our cloud solution Reckon One.

    The 2019 edition of Reckon Personal Range is due for release mid next week. 
  • Trevor Cuerden
    Trevor Cuerden Member Posts: 11
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    Thanks, Rav

    Could you find out if the download issues with St George DirectShares has been sorted out?
  • John Campbell
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    I know this comes up every year, but why is it that Reckon can not release a statement on actual updates to RPP ?
    If the update is simply to provide a new date label to justify charging a new subscription, why is it that the subscription charges increase at more than CPI ?

    If no improvements are made to RPP, how can you justify increasing subscription charges at more than CPI ?

    If the reason is based on the monopoly position you have, perhaps it is time for Reckon to review the present Banking Royal Commission and reflect on their behaviour and treatment of long term customers.
  • jenee.molyneux
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    Is there going to be a fix for the incorrect renewal dates in 2019. I recently renewed my annual licence and installed PP 2019. I entered the new licence key and after installation found that my licence is now valid for only 2 months longer instead of 12 months.
  • Michael Smith_9915764
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    I am using personal plus 2017. I upgrade every 2 years. Will there be a 2019 version?

  • Keith Dickson
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    you will be forced to upgrade EVERY YEAR...As soon as you install the "FREE" 2019 upgrade this conversion happens.. Then when you fail to pay the dollars for the latest version, your files are locked with NO access to them