ReckonOne P&L: Can I get a monthly (one month per column) cash flow report with YTD?

Stefan Vohan
Stefan Vohan Member Posts: 2
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I'm looking for reports that would allow me to create month x month P&L report/s and similar report for Account Enquiry. I'd appreciate any ideas on exporting to Excel if the that's not possible/available within ReckonOne


  • John White
    John White Member Posts: 1
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    Hi, I have only been on Reckon for 1 year and can't believe that this basic facility is not available.  One of its great uses is when you are doing End of Financial Year planning you need to be able to accurately project based on last year what your income is going to be at June 30 so that you can make the best plan for taxation.  Can someone from Reckon pls comment.

    Further to this your P&L reports that do a comparison with last year don't head the columns with the financial year - if MYOB can do it it can't be complicated.