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Kayne Conway
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Hi, I've received an FY18 file as a Quickbooks portable file (.QBM). A reasonably large file (413,132 KB). When trying to restore the portable file, it allows me to select the file, but when selecting the location of the restored company file the process skips back to the "Welcome" screen not having restored the portable file. Using Reckon Accounts Enterprise Accountants Edition 2017 (and 2018)


  • Rav
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    Hi Kayne,
    The size of that .QBM is.. well.. huge.
    If this file was sent to you, has it been opened from the owner(s) of the main .qbw file?

    Can you confirm if the main company file, .qbw can be opened successfully? And if so, what is the size of that file?

  • Kayne Conway
    Kayne Conway Member Posts: 2
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    Hi Rav,

    There are no issues with the client's main (qbw) file. Last year's restored file was over 1.6Gb, so I expect that it is larger than that. There were issues creating the backup 12 months ago (because of file size), so this year we have been supplied a portable file, but encountered the above issue.

    I suspect the file size is the problem (which is why I mentioned it originally), but I don't get any kind of error message when attempting to restore, it simply reverts to the 'welcome' screen 
  • Robert Smeallie_9600650
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    Hello Rav and Kayne,

    Are you restoring the company file back to its original location on the computer - in fact is it the same computer the backup was created with in the first place? I have seen backup restorations that fail because of this issue.

    Robert Smeallie