Can't make .pdfs on my Home & Business 2009 since moving to Windows 8.x

David Aynsley
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"Intuit Printing Library" won't make .pdfs on my Quicken Home & Business 2009 Release R 2, after my software and data is loaded on a Windows 8 machine. Would an update to the current Home & Business fix this?


  • David Aynsley
    David Aynsley Member Posts: 2
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    "Printer not activated, error code -20"  is the Activation Error window I get.

    In October the software said I needed to get a new Quicken Installation Key, to get me through to 01/01/2030.  Done, and the sofware - apart from making .pdfs - works.

    When I try to activate the Amyuni printer, it asks for the License, to which I insert the new key issued by Reckon, but it then says "The license key is invalid."
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    Try this solution:
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