how do I allocate this payment?

Maria PaulMaria Paul Member Posts: 15
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I have received a payment for an invoice into my bank account but who ever made the payment has given me no indication as to who they are and i can't find a match for an exact amount $ either. What is the best way to enter this as i need to reconcile my bank account but cant with this amount not allocated properly. Hope this makes sense!


  • Liz BrimsLiz Brims Member Posts: 5
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    Hi Maria,

    Use a general journal to deposit the amount to the bank account and use the Suspense account on the second line.  You will then be able to reconcile and allocate the payment later on if it is accounts receivable.
  • Maria PaulMaria Paul Member Posts: 15
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    Thanks so much Liz - so simple! :):) 
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