Tracking Novated lease in Accounts Personal

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I've been a user of Reckon/Quicken personal range for many years (10 years almost!). Over that time, tracking my income from full time employment has been relatively straightforward. However, in more recent years, I have exercised a salary sacrifice option offered by my company. In particular, over the past 3 years, I have entered into an arrangement between a novated lease / fleet company and my employer.

Now, as part of that arrangement, some of my salary is deducted pre and post tax, and along with Super deductions, a net amount is available in my bank account, for which I simply download/enter into Reckon. Fine.

Before this arrangement however, my vehicle was privately held. I knew exactly how much fuel I was paying each month, the cost of insurance, maintenance and repair etc. Under this new arrangement, I effectively pay a set amount each pay cycle with all of those  previous tracked details "rolled up" into the amount withdrawn from my salary. I have access to the fleet company's portal which can detail all the vehicle transactions like fuel, vehicle interest, maintenance and repair etc.

My question is : how do I get to track in Reckon my vehicle expenses like it was held privately so I can see exactly my monthly fuel expenditure say? Is there any option to set this up, or alternatively, does Reckon Personal have the ability to include novated lease arrangements?


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