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Does Reckon support a version of the Quickbooks Web Connector later than

Sam HornSam Horn Member Posts: 1
edited September 8 in Accounts Business Range
QBWC is what comes with the Reckon Accounts SDK package, but it doesn't support TLS 1.2, which is a big issue since we've turned off earlier versions of TLS and SSL on our webservers for security reasons.

Attempting to install version QBWC results in the error "You must have QuickBooks 2015 or greater to install the QuickBooks Webconnector". Is there any other solution?


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,747 Administrator
    edited September 8
    Hi Sam,
    I'm really sorry we missed your post.
    I've had a chat with our API team in regard to your query and we only support version In short Reckon Accounts will not work with a Quickbooks Web Connector that supports TLS 1.2.
  • Mike EverestMike Everest Member Posts: 3
    edited August 2019

    what is the reason for that?  Essentially what it mans is that those of us who have been relying on QBWC for many years will suddenly (and without any warning) lose that functionality - it will have serious implications for us, and may even require that we have to ditch reckon for an alternative.  Is that the intention?

  • GrantGrant Member Posts: 4
    edited September 4

    Hi is there any update on this, is there still no plan to support TLS 1.2
  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,747 Administrator
    edited September 8
    Hi Grant and all,
    The issue is not whether we can support TLS 1.2, we don't actually support the Intuit Web Connect at all.
    Of course many developers chose to use the connector as a viable option to building their own, however Reckon do not, and have never had, access to the source code and therefore we cannot make the necessary updates to the Intuit tool.

    However, there may be some light at the end of the tunnel, in an unrelated project we have built our own connector to integrate with a new Reckon product. Given the issue with the Intuit tool, we are making adjustments to allow use by 3rd-parties. This should be available for limited release by the end of September.

    If any developers are interested, please email [email protected] subject: Reckon Web Connector and we'll go from there.
  • Mike EverestMike Everest Member Posts: 3
    edited September 7
    for future reference for others, we worked around this problem by using an enginx instance to essentially proxy the service requests and keep our legacy apps all happy and working together with QBWC.  It's not a pretty solution, but nonetheless effective.
  • GrantGrant Member Posts: 4
    edited September 8

    Thanks Rav, we've made contact with apisupport, cheers
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