Portfolio Listing in "Investing" Tab will not load correctly Reckon Accounts Personal Plus 2019 in W

John Schryver_10012571
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I have my SMSF in a Reckon Accounts Personal Plus 2019 file.  It works fine (as does two different files for other purposes) except when I want to expand the "Investing" Tab and get a full portfolio listing by stock with pricing and value history.  It endlessly tries to reload itself, getting anywhere from 30% to 75% or so done before it restarts the attempt.  One in 50 it will load, but is then sort of "frozen" and cannot be browsed.  At the same time Task Manger shows that Reckon Launcher is not responding as it struggles to load the data.  I have Validated, Super Validated, uninstalled and reinstalled, you name it!  Nothing changes.  Any help, advice, soothing words, appreciated.


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    Hi John,
    Welcome to the Reckon Community and sorry to hear you've been having trouble with your Reckon software.

    Is this a new occurrence or has it been quite consistent since upgrading to 2019?
  • John Schryver_10012571
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    Hi and thanks for the quick response.

    I would say from the upgrade; may even have happened occasionally in 2018 - not sure.  It is getting worse though - when it first started I would eventually get it loaded and be able to work on it.  Now it is rare that I get it loaded.  It is 15 years of portfolio history in there along with other account info.  The file is a bit under 5 MB.  That said, everything else works fine - it is just the portfolio listing.  The report function for the same data is also fine.
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    John, soothing words only. With the problems people seem to face with this program, you would think they (Reckon) would go back to scratch and fix it up once and for all. I have been a Reckon user for longer than I can remember and the program has never run smoothly. I keep hoping the next upgrade will fix things but ......