super threshold $350 Restaurant Industry Award 2010

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In general, we do not need to pay super if the monthly wage is less than $450.

However, for Restaurant Industry Award 2010 and Hospitality Industry (General) Award 2010, The employer must make contributions for each employee for such month where the employee earns $350.00 or more in a calendar month.

Using Reckon One, is there a function for us to change the super  $450 threshold to $350 threshold?

And what is the "minimum" table in Pay Item - Super Guarantee used for? We tried to input minimum of $350, but it did not work when we processed a pay run.


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    Hi,  have you managed to sort this out.  I'm having the same problem.  Was advised to go into Payroll Settings, select Super and then (P - Productivity) for a sub-type and put in $350.  However, it's now calculating Super even if they are earning under $350.  The other problem is I pay every 2 weeks, so how does Reckon calculate it in a month?  Help??
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