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Hi, Hubby and I have been in discussion over a period of time and have been looking for a program to use that is compatible with Reckon Accounts Hosted for our employees to use to do timesheets up, I have looked at Tsheets and Deputy, Is there any others? At the moment I am doing it all manually via paper then spreadsheet then inputting it into Reckon and finding its very time consuming. Any info and help would be appreciated.


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    Hi Sandra,

    I don't have any suggestion on which timesheet software you can use.
    But what I can help you is that I can create a solution to import timesheet data from any app like Tsheet or Deputy into Reckon Hosted.

    In other words, I can help you to remove all the manual entry work.

    Please send me an email if you are interested. It is phuong@cactussoftware.com.au



    Phuong Do / Reckon Developer Partner


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    Cosmic is able to import time sheet up to 400 employees in say about 15 mins.
    If you are already using some sort of excel , we can automate that .
    if you keen I can send you our video that  a client is using in Melbourne.
    send on Chandra@cosmicinnovations.com

    Cosmic Accounting Group

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    Hi Sandra - you should also include Wageloch in your reviews etc... I have a client who is using this and it has been quite successful - rostering, fingerprint clock on/off, approval of pays, and import data to Reckon.  https://wageloch.com.au
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    Thankyou, at this stage i'm still unsure which program to use but will definitely keep you in mind.
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    Linda, are you able to contact me regarding Wageloch.  We are currently reviewing and would like users reviews for pros & cons. 

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    Does any of these integrate with Reckon desktop Payroll Premier?