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I have set up personal and annual leave for permanent part time employees to accrue per hourly but it is also accruing leave when they take annual leave.  I cannot tick the do not accrue if they work some hours in that week. 


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    Hi Andy - how have you worked out the rate to accrue - annual leave is 4 weeks (20 days) per annum - for a 38 hour week thats 152 hours... if you divide that by 52 weeks and then 38hrs per week - this means you must accrue .07692 hrs of leave for every hour of the year - if some of that time during the year is annual leave - then this would be correct that leave needs to accrue when taking leave... and this is how its normally done...  hopefully that makes sense?  if you didnt accrue leave while on leave - then the calculation would need to be based on accruing all your leave over 48 weeks instead of 52, but given that not everyone takes holidays every year - then this would possibly result in an over accrual of leave?   (with personal leave you just half those numbers - where leave is 10 days).  :)
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    Thanks so much for clarifying Linda.  Yes i have done the calculation on 52 weeks so thankfully now i don't have to go back and make any adjustments :)
    Your help is much appreciated.