problem installing Personal 2020

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I have downloaded the zipped installation file for Reckon Personal 2020, but am unable to install.  Tech support told me to uninstall the old (2018) version, disconnect from the network, and disable antivirus, all of which I have done to no avail.  After clicking on the dialogue box to unzip the file and begin installation, I get the message "Cannot create C:\Temp\Reckon_Personal_2020" Unzip operation cancelled.


  • Rav
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    Hi Phil,
    I'd suggest performing both a clean uninstallation & then clean install of your new version in the first instance.

    I'd recommend taking a look at this KB article for step by step instructions - 
    Clean Uninstall and Reinstall of Accounts Personal
  • Johnathon Reeves
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    Hi Phil, the H&B 2020 had a stack of issues - can search this forum - there are plenty.  Best bet would to uninstall - if you can - use a uninstaller program (like REVO - there are heaps - just google)..   Make sure you also clear temporary files etc from windows.  Restart.  Then download and start again.  If you can install and then have issues with the program - best way to fix is to request a new download link from Reckon sales.    Hope you get it fixed quicker than I did!

  • Phil_10332189
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    Thank you Johnathon and Rav for your responses.  I managed to solve the problem myself yesterday after raising this issue.  I simply pointed the Unzipper at a different target location on my D:\ drive (not C:\Temp...), and it unzipped as expected.  The installer then ran and set up the application on my C:\ drive as expected. I am about to start updating data so I will be able to check that everything else works, but it looks ok so far.  Thanks again.  Phil