Portfolio view and Security Detail View don't match #shares in transaction register

Lorna Hall
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I bought 2 parcels of shares and subsequently sold some of one parcel.  I think I might have deleted the sale to try to fix an error (I can't remember what it was as it was a long time ago) and now find things are worse.  This was in 2018 so I can't go back to a backup copy and start from there. 
The number of shares in the Portfolio View and Security Detail view are correct but the number in the transaction file are incorrect and I can't work out how to even fudge a transaction to get the figures aligned.
How can I repair the ledgers?  It seems Reckon doesn't properly adjust when reversing a transaction.  It would be extremely difficult to live with a file that can't balance.


  • Rob Barnett
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    Hi Lorna,
    Assuming that you have the original sales contracts & given that there are only a couple of transactions - I would delete the transactions & re-enter them correctly.
    Best regards, Rob
  • Lorna Hall
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    Thanks Rob.  Will try that but I have a question on restoring/using backups first.  I thought I'd use the file that Reckon saved y'day in my reckon/backups folder - but I only need to open it, not restore it? 
    The filename I was using today was called Super.  I've renamed that Super_20200201 as I think I'd be better off using the copy that was made yesterday which Reckon named in my Reckon/Backups folder Super1.  You can't restore this - just use the file through using File/Open.  But it's sitting in my backups folder.  If I now want that to be my file, do I move it and all the associated files to my Reckon folder, and if I do, which of the files do I move?
    To clarify I have the following:
    In Reckon: Super_20200201.HCX as well as .IDX, .QEL, .QIN, .QPH, and the QDF file - date and time an hour ago.  It also has a file called Super1.IDX current date and time (I currently have my "backup" Super1 open)
    In Reckon\Backup: Super1.HCX, the QDF file, .QEL, .qin, QPH - all with current date and time.
    I want to use Super1 as my file.

     I also looked back on previous questions, and found a super validation process which I did - but no luck on that.

    Many thanks for your assistance.  I can't find any info on this in the online help or the user guide.

  • Lorna Hall
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    I don't mean to be a downer but I'm not sure this will fix the problem and will probably make it worse, if that's possible.  That's what happened today when I tried to delete a transaction - and things are worse in the portfolio view which is why I have to go back to a file from a couple of days ago.  And I still cant use that.
    In this file I have the correct number of shares
    It's like the database has a half transaction recorded in it, so deleting the transactions I have only exacerbates the problem as I now have 2 errors in the file - Reckon's done half deletions twice.  It looks like when I deleted a transaction, it removed the shares from the Security Detail, but the Portfolio View must be drawn from somewhere else where the transaction didn't delete.  But having done it twice, it's even worse. 
    I should have 3056 before yesterday's sale.
    The Portfolio view now shows a total of 3,056 but listings for 2,367 - it's incorrectly registered the previous sale twice - which means when I deleted the transaction when I was trying to fix it, it didn't adjust something that creates the total.
    The Security Detail View is correct (cross fingers)  with 3056. has 383 shares bought 30/8/17, 306 bought 30/11/18 and total shares 1378!   The Security Detail View is correct as of before yesterday's transaction with 3056 shares and all the transactions showing correctly.
    But when I go to enter yesterday's sale transaction there's only 2367 shares in the "sell all shares in this account" instead of the required 3,056.
    If I enter a transaction to sell 2,367 (otherwise it would be a short sale), The Portfolio View will still have 689 orphan shares in the total - hopefully I can get the cost base to be 0 - it does currently match the Security Detail View.
    I know this is long winded but I was hoping to demonstrate the dilemma clearly. 

    I'm assuming the Validation process is supposed to pick these up, but it doesn't

    again, any help you or any other kind soul can assist me with.  I'm perfectly happy to add in a couple of meaningless / dummy transactions if it can get ongoing totals right.

  • Lorna Hall
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    Thank you both very much.

    I really appreciate this asssistance.

    I'll put in a separate request re the file structures and restoring.

  • Lorna Hall
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    Hi Dave
    It is all sorted in regards to the shares.  I'm sorry if I confused you.
    This mismatch has occurred for me in a handful of cases over the years- and all seem to have sorted eventually but deleting yesterday only made things worse.  I'm very appreciative of your help.

    I have put in a separate request about restoration (I don't have to do it now you've solved my problem but for next time....)
  • John Campbell
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    I find the Security Detail View good to look at all transactions for a particular security/share or edit price data, but

    I open the actual account if I want to edit or delete any of the transactions.