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Carolyn Stumpp
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I keep getting an error message 'Reckon has encountered a problem' and then instantly get a black screen. This is happening when trying to look at some transactions on a supplier invoice. I use hosted and its not a connection problem as it only happens on one supplier.  Any thoughts? Thanks


  • Adrian_6974554
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    Hello Carolyn

    Try running rebuild of the file, to see if it can fix the corrupted transaction(s).

    If rebuild does not fix you may need to delete the transaction and re enter.

    Open up the register for the accounts payable and scroll down to the transaction.

    The just click once to select it then select delete from the top menu.

  • Bin Liang
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    Hi Carolyn,

    Thank you for posting a question on Reckon Community. Regarding the issue from your post, please find the following steps that you can try to tackle the issue.

    1.       Process a backup of the company file from your Reckon Accounts Hosted by clicking on File > Save copy or backup > keep selecting “Backup copy” > clicking on “Option” button > keep selecting saving the file to My Live (B:) drive and selecting “Complete verification (recommended)” > Ok > Finish. 

    2.       After the backup is completed, process “Verify data” by clicking on File > Utilities > Verify data.

    3.       Then, process “rebuild data” by clicking on File > Utilities > Rebuild data.

    4.       Finally, process “Verify data” again by clicking on File > Utilities > Verify data.

    5.       After that, if the issue is still not fixed, you can try to re-sort relevant lists from the software. For example, based on the description of the issue from your post, the relevant lists could be supplier related list, item list, tax item list, Chart of Accounts, etc. The procedure of doing this is to click on "Lists" button from the top of the screen on the software. Then select a list that you would like to re-sort, such as “item list”. After that, an item list is opened, then click on "Item" button on the bottom left of the screen and then click on “Re-Sort List”. This procedure is the same for re-sorting all the other lists in the software. You may also need to re-sort all the other lists as well. 

    6.       If the issue still remains after all the above-mentioned steps are tried, you could try to create a new supplier in the software. The purpose of doing this is to replace the existing supplier that may cause the issue in the transaction. The new supplier's details can be the same with the existing supplier except for the supplier's name. Then create a dummy transaction by using the new supplier, which has the same details with the transaction that shows error. If the dummy transaction with the new supplier works fine, you could try to replace the existing supplier with the new supplier in the transactions. Then see if the issue can be resolved or not. 

    I hope this helps. Thank you.  

    Bin Liang



  • Carolyn Stumpp
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    Thanks Bin, I had to do the verify/rebuild/verify a couple of times, but if finally reported a good outcome.  Thanks for your help