Single Touch Payroll Issues

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I'm still having a lot of issues in getting Single Touch Payroll to work. So I was wondering if I could completely cancel the setup, eg remove the account that I have done and restart from scratch or is there another easier system to do Single Touch Payroll.


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    “is there another easier system to do Single Touch Payroll?” Interesting question to ask! but not to get an independent answer here on this site, which is dedicated to Reckon’s proprietary STP app. Having said that, everyone using. Reckon STP app also has other options beside choosing Reckon. The ATO provides a list of all free and low cost STP app suppliers if you wend your way through their website or google it. But everyone in this community forum has opted for the Reckon app so probably can’t speak for any others. Also bear in mind that Reckon STP is their free app so the functionality and community/based support may seem a bit thin. Reckon also has software to buy, and that is more fully featured and presumably more fully supported with a help line. That might be worth considering. I guess if you did chuck it in and start using a completely different app, it wouldn’t impact Reckon’s revenue (since it’s a fre app) but I’m sure they’d be sorry to see anyone leave their community. Meanwhile Rav from Reckon does a sterling job trying to assist help with the tricky queries on ths forum, so will probably be best placed to advise on your ‘delete and start afresh’ option. Best wishes.