After closing down Reckon Accounts Personal 2020 and restarting it defaults to the "Welcome to Recko

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Currently running the software on a PC with Windows 10 and no issues.


Are now in the process of migrating from the existing PC to an Apple iMac.


New System:     iMac Desktop running macOS Catalina 10.15.2

                                                Parallels 15.1.4

                                                Windows 10 under Parallels virtual machine feature


Have downloaded the Reckon Accounts Personal Finance Software 2020 in the iMac and installed this in Windows 10 under Parallels.


Installation was successful and Installation Key accepted.


 Now when I open Quicken it defaults to the “Welcome to Reckon Accounts” dialog.

I select that I am existing user and select my current Quicken file.

The Quicken file open fine and works with no issues. 


I exit Quicken and on re-starting the software again it  defaults to the “Welcome to Reckon Accounts” dialog again and again and again.



  • Rav
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    Hi Chris,
    This Help article sounds like it covers the situation you've described - 
    Last file opened does not open when Personal Plus launched - see Welcome Screen repeatedly
  • Darran
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    Hi Chris,

    I have exactly the same issue, and the information provided by Rav does not work (for me).  I've even been in contact with the Reckon support and they have not been able to resolve.
    What does work for me though is:

    1 - select option "I am already a Reckon Accounts user" - click NEXT
    2 - select option "Opens file located on this computer" - click NEXT
    3 - sometimes you might get message about insert disk in drive D:/ or something like that, press cancel and wait
    4 - eventually the open file dialogue appears.  You can navigate to where your .QDF files lives and select to open

    (sometimes you have go 1 - 2 - 3 - 4, other times 1 - 2 - 4).

    Very frustrating I know, and unfortunately after 20+ years using Quicken and Reckon product, version 2020 has been the worst.  I to use the same setup as yourself, run via Parallels VM on iMac, and have done so for the past 7 years at least without issue - until now.

    Personally, the Reckon subscription model price does not live up to the product support and features that once were the envy of personal accounting software.
    All the best,

  • Chris_10595146
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    Did not resolve the program error...comment from Darran who has exactly the same issue confirms that Reckon Support is no value.
  • Chris_10595146
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    Thanks Darran for confirming that at least two of us have this issue.

    Agree that the Reckon subscription is of little value and will be looking closely at alternative software.

  • Robyn Kelly (Partner)
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    Try setting the icon to run as administrator.  Right click icon, properties, Compatibility, Run program as adinistrator.  You may then need to reregister the program.
    Hope that works

  • daryl madden
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    Hello - same problem as noted above.  changing my file names that I have had for 20 years to 8 characters or less worked for me.  I have data files saved on another drive with no problem.  Also, if the file name was longer than 8 characters, you could not find it to rename it, so you have to copy it and then change the name before you save it with the "cpy" at the end.  

    What a mess - who does their user testing?????  This is pretty basic stuff.

    If anyone does find another solution to the reckon subscription where you can bring across all of the histrorical data simply, and download share prices - please le me know.
  • GerryWinter
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    One thing that you should also do is to have the program in the root directory ie C drive.

    Gerry 0418907140 

    [email protected]

  • daryl madden
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    thanks Gerry, but this is not an issue for me - I just needed to shorten the names to 8 characters.  I am saving my data files on another drive separate from my C drive where the program is.  All working fine now.