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I'm Considering moving from MYOB but does R1 have same functionality as the MYOB Intray that scans and populates & attaches bills or do i need to purchase a 3rd party app


  • Mario_10087432
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    Hi dngreen10, 

    Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with the features in MYOB Intray. 

    However, Reckon One allows you to attach scanned copies of bills. You can activate this feature by subscribing to the 'Create Invoices and Bills' module.

    I hope this is the feature you're looking for. 

  • dngreen10
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    Thanks Mario, Yes I knew about this one.
    The MYOB feature is like the AutoEntry add-on excepts its built into MYOB. U scan a doc into the MYOB intray and can create a bill where MYOB automatically picks up inv number, dates, Amount and supplier details and then populates the bill and attaches the scanned document.
    I Like the look of Reckon but if I have to purchase the AUTOENTRY add-on which is an external product at say $33 a mth, to save data entry it make it Reckon expensive for the same functionality