RECKON One - YTD balances ($ and leave) - how to include pays done outside of Reckon One?

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How do I make sure the YTD balances are accurate for Payment Summaries IF I have pays done outside of Reckon One?  Will ATO use my current STP as my staff's payment summaries?  


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    You need to ensure that the amounts paid to each employee reconcile to what is paid from the bank to what has been reported by STP.

    If you have done wages outside of Reckon you need to add them to the systems by doing an unscheduled payroll and entering it into the system and then reporting as an STP event.

    Once the three figures (What has been paid by your bank account and what you have done as a payroll event, and what has been reported to the ATO) can you finalise your STP end of year figures.