EOFY - payrun need to be edited

Rachel Zhang
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Hi there,

I need to edit / delete few payruns that I have submitted to ATO previously in Reckon one. After I update the payrun, I can't generate the updated payrun to Govconnect and re-send to ATO again. YTD figures are correct now, I wonder if I click finalisation and send the correct YTD amounts to ATO, will the employees have the updated amount even I was unable to re-send the updated payrun?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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  • Krystal_10127849
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    I think you need to make the one you previously sent to Ato a draft in STP. Then try again. So undo the one you’ve sent previously in the STP reporting section. Single touch payroll. Click on the one you’ve changed and set to draft.