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I had to delete a pay on the 24th May and redo it. I only sent the correct pay through STP but when I checked my EOFY report I noticed that the totals for my employees were wrong and that the deleted pay was included making their gross pay and payg incorrect. I have been able to find a journal showing the deleted pay but can't delete it as it doesn't have a number. All my expense accounts are correct so the report must get the information from somewhere else. HELP!


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    I found the same issues and even reconciled to the STP on the ATO site ranking much time because the reckon report wasn't downloadable. I even found a duplicate on the ATO site which wasn't in reckon! But i decided it didn't matter and that the final STP report was correct and the reports i was looking at were showing all attempts to report to ATO and was not total payroll. My expense account balances plus final payroll reports matched