Error typing in a new stock name in Reckon Accounts Personal Plus 2020

Raymond_10753492 Member Posts: 2
I am trying to enter a new stock name that I have recently purchased.  I enter the details under  "Enter details for this new security" and I get the following error:

You already have a security with the same name, please enter a different name.

If you are trying to enter a transaction for this security, select your investment account from the Account List and choose Enter Transaction.

Earlier on, I had entered the details for the new stock, but as there was an error I deleted the stock.

There is definitely no stock by that name in the Security Name drop down list.

I would appreciate any assistance in this matter.



  • Raymond_10753492
    Raymond_10753492 Member Posts: 2
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    Hi Dave. Thank you for your prompt reply. I did as you suggested, but still does not allow me to enter the Stock details. The Stock I am trying to add is a US Stock.  I have previously added US Stocks.