Under 18 - Superannuation

Arron Sterba-Choi
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Hi there,

We have an employee that is starting with us that is 17years old and 6months

I'm aware that they have to work 30+ hours a week and earn over $450 a month to receive super.

The employee will receive more than $450pm but will be working under 30hours a week.

I was wondering how to set this up in Reckon One for an under 18 so it doesn't calculate super until over the threshold (30hrs/$450pm).

Just wanted to make sure as I didn't want to submit STP with super listed for them and have it not match up during super due dates.

Any suggestions on how you would set this up will be much appreciated :)



  • Felicity Bleckly_10462754
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    When you set up his payroll don't enter anything for super - so then nothing will calculate. Then when he reaches 18 add his super details with $450 Minimum in the Super table. I think if he does more than 30 hours a week you'll have to manually adjust and then becomes eligible for super. I would set it up so that what he does most often is calculated in Reckon. So if he doesn't work over 30 hours most of the time then set it up with nothing in the super table in his pay set-up.