how do I modify a partially paid invoice?

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I have an invoice which was partially paid last year and I'm never going to receive the balance.
I'm unable to unlink the payment to modify the invoice because it says the transaction is locked.
How can I delete the outstanding amount from overdue invoices?


  • Felicity Bleckly_10462754
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    You can't. If you also can't delete the payment (which would allow you then to modify the invoice,) then put through a credit and apply that to the invoice. You could also check settings to see if you can unlock the security which would allow you to delete the payment, modify the invoice and then reapply the payment, and then rereconcile the bank account
  • Kris_Williams
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    Create a credit note/adjustment note and write off the outstanding balance to Bad Debts, dated 30/6 if you haven’t finished your end of year reports, or today if you have
  • TL- C
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    Problem sorted. Thanks.