how do I record money from ATO for Cashflow Boost and reimbursement of JobKeeper.

Gail Smith
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Just really want to know how to "Make Deposit" not something I usually use and cant find where this is. Have set up Other Income and sub Accounts. Using Reckon One.


  • Felicity Bleckly_10462754
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    Use Journals.
    1.For JobKeeper. Just create an income account called JobKeeper reimbursement and enter it to there.
    2. For Cash booster. Create an income account called Cash Booster.
    If you have received $10,000 without any adjustment just create the entry to that account.

    However, if you have received the $10,000 less any BAS/PAYG you had to pay then you have to enter $10,000 to the Cash Booster income account CR and enter the BAS you had to pay to your BAS accounts DR and CR (GST received/ GST paid) and the PAYG DR to payroll liabilities. (I use a clearing journal each BAS period so I only have the one figure for BAS/PAYG in my ATO integrated client account) This clears the amounts had you had to pay your BAS rather than getting it credited through the cash boosster

  • Gail Smith
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    Thanks Felicity was trying to find Make Deposit I gather that using different Reckon software but used Jounals and all good now