Uploading a QIF file generates random transactions that aren't actually in the QIF file

Ken Roberts
Ken Roberts Member Posts: 3

Just downloaded Personal Plus 2020. When I upload a QIF file from my bank, the import includes lots of random transactions that aren't in the QIF file, generally 15-20 transactions but only on 2-3 payees. I have checked the format of the QIF, and the contents, in Notebook. Re-importing generates the same random transactions for the same payees.


  • Ken Roberts
    Ken Roberts Member Posts: 3
    edited August 2020
    UPDATE: Closer inspection of the QIF files shows that PersonalPlus 2020 is just transposing the Payee details randomly for some payees -  i.e one Payee on the imported transactions is showing transactions that the raw QIF file shows as several different companies. So the transaction dates and dollars are OK, but the payees are all over the place...