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I'm using Quicken 2010 and received a message to say my software licence just expired. Called the Reckon help desk and went through the process of checking installation key code and product key etc. Keep getting error code 7156. The help desk advised uninstalling and reinstalling the software using the original disc, but first seek advice from the Reckon community on that before uninstalling. Has anyone got any suggestions as to whether the suggested uninstall / reinstall is the solution - concerned because I've got 16yrs of data that I cannot now access


  • Rav
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    Hi @Stan116

    Do you receive this error message AFTER the software was successfully reactivated? Where does the error message appear specifically?

    How long is your file name? Usually a file name that is longer than 8 characters can cause some hiccups, if you shorten it then it may aid in this.

    In regard to uninstallation, its always a good idea to perform a 'clean' uninstall & reinstall and there's information on how to do this here -

    HELP GUIDE: Clean uninstall & reinstall of Reckon Personal software

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  • Mario_10087432
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    Hi @Stan116 ,

    You definitely need to contact us to register your Quicken Personal 2010 software. Begin by uninstalling and reinstalling the software. Then, follow the steps below to register your software :

    1. Click on Cancel

    2. Click on Activate by Telephone

    3. Call our registrations team and read out the Product Key to them. 

    4. Enter the licence key generated, and click OK. 

    Please let me know if this works.

  • Stan116
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    Hi Mario

    Thanks for your advice - I uninstalled / reinstalled the software, and then called product support.

    After 3 attempts , including one outright disconnection by the helpdesk operator, I managed to get a Licence Key and was walked through the process by a helpful assistant. Unfortunately this did not open the software and  getting error code 7128. Any further suggestions please as I have been locked out since 4th September?