email or print a credit note for a supplier

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I am unable to email or print a credit note I raised for a supplier in Reckon Accounts Hosted. Any suggestions please

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    Thanks for your response. We had a good reason to send a supplier a credit note but I will do as you suggest.


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    Sounds odd as this is a standard feature.

    Just guessing - but have you created an email address for the supplier?

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    What is the message when you attempt to print?

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    I do have the suppliers email address. Can't print as it is greyed out and unable to save as PDF

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    You wouldn’t be sending a Supplier a Credit – these are Credits issued to you by a Supplier for credit against their bills which is why you’re unable to print or email it. 

    If necessary, you can view/print a Transaction History of the Credit (which shows the allocation details) by clicking on History > Print

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