Changing Payroll programs mid year and STP

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We have moved to reckon hosted for payroll in October we have done some of the payroll stf in xero but that program is not great for wages and have moved to reckon and recreated all pays for the period in Rekcon. What will happen when i connect to Reckon STP will it double the info or replace the xero info with the latest payroll info?


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    No. Also, you need to register a new software ID with ATP. You can do this the ATO business portal or you can ring ATO direct. Good luck with that.

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    I have registered Reckon with ATO but am concerned that it when i lodge it will create a double up in the ATO system. The pays uploaded through Xero and then the ones up loaded through Reckon. Should i lodge a full replacement event when i do the first reckon upload to replace the Xero version?

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    Nope. Did you ring ATO? This is a software forum.

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    No but this is a software issue. Will Reckon replace the whole file when it does STP

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    It only sends year to date figures. You'll be fine. Just breathe.

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    @Tania Lindenmayer In my experience yes, it will duplicate as the previous Xero STP file balances will be there.  In some cases, people don't "Finalise" any duplicated ones at EOY to reflect the error however, this isn't ideal as it is still visible in the employee's myGov & often they don't understand the difference & will manually enter these figures onto their tax return also!

    I'd recommend zero-ing out the Xero YTD figures so that the new RAH YTD balances will be the only ones. 

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