Copy & Paste Function

bromleysteelbromleysteel Member Posts: 1

I am new to Accounts Hosted formerly Desktop 2010 Pro version. In old version I could copy & paste text from emails and other documents and insert it into my notepad. Why cant I do this now? I am using Windows 10 and Chrome.


  • Kris_WilliamsKris_Williams Member Posts: 1,194 ✭✭✭

    Sometimes I have to use Ctrl C to copy and Ctrl V to paste - are you pasting into Reckon Hosted?

  • BruceBruce Member Posts: 260 ✭✭

    I always use Ctrl C, Ctrl V to copy and paste in Hosted without any difficulties. (I also use Chrome and Windows10)

  • Kris_WilliamsKris_Williams Member Posts: 1,194 ✭✭✭

    I use Firefox and Windows 10

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