Can not update from Personal Plus 2020 to my paid for licence for Reckon Accounts 2021


I have been a user and then subscriber subscriber to Quicken then Reckon for 20 years. .....For the last few ? 3-5, I have similar issues when it comes to the time of year to renew. I have learned from experience to absolutely dread this. Otherwise it is a great product. This year I crossed my fingers and paid by direct deposit. Contacted Reckon and eventually got an email saying the money was received.

I notice that the licence period of my software had not been updated when restarting Reckon even a couple of days later.

I went on line to my Reckon account and downloaded the required 2021 software. I then attempted to unzip the download, which gave me more than 4,000 files and bombed out with the message Can't create output file C:\temp\Reckon_Accounts_Personal_2021\HAB\DISKT\Setup.exe. I have attempted the download and unzip several times which may be part of the issue.

I phoned Reckon licence and support both of whom would not assist me and referred me to this community.reckon site.

Can someone pls HELP. Thanks