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I've only been using the software for just short of a month now (still going through and getting all the detail right) and there appears to be a change to price histories being download by the program that started from the 30th.

I have some shares in the Exchange Traded Fund IOZ (Ishares Core S&P/Asx 200 ETF ASX:IOZ). On a daily basis, after the ASX closes, the share price online update does its thing and updates the different ASX codes in the portfolio. Normally, it's correct and on the money so to speak. But since the 30th, I've noticed that its completely out of whack and, I believe its a formatting error with the data it is importing...

Below is the Price History Report I've generated from within the program (the database file I've simply called Home Budget hence why it appears in the report). It'd be FANTASTIC!!! if this was the actual share price - though the capital gains tax bill would probably make me cry. Not sure what to do here, because this information feeds alot of other reporting.

Short of manually updating each of the price histories, I'm not sure how to rectify this.


  • GerryWinter
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    Try Validating and Super Validating first then

    Try deleting those entries and then run it again

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  • PeterLeech
    PeterLeech Member Posts: 5

    Hi Gerry - thanks for your time. I actually completely deleted all the transactions and the account.... just completely removed all records associated with a share portfolio. Then, validated and re-validated then entered them in again as if starting from scratch.

    When I did the Price History update, again, for everything the share price from 30/11 onward, it's showing the skewed prices again. I pulled up the CommSec Website and the Price History Report from inside the database, what I'm seeing is indeed the correct figures, just, what appears to be formatted incorrectly. For example, on 30/11 CommSec shows the High as $27.250 and the Reckon Price History Report downloads and shows $272,500 (remove the comma and swap it for a full stop and you'll have the correct figure). Everything is suggesting to me this is a formatting error with the source data that Reckon is accessing.

    The price histories are being sourced automatically by the software (Online Menu --> One Step Update), all I do manually is enter in its ticker and enter the buy/sell transactions and their associated commissions, gst etc. I don't manually touch the current prices.

    I think this may be a question for Reckon Support/Database Administration, not for Community Volunteers.

  • Rav
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    Hi Peter,

    What is the configuration for this share in your software, specifically the Security Type? Have there been any recent changes to how its been setup in your software? (Based on your screenshot, around the end of November.)

    Right click on the particular share and click 'Edit Security'. Can you please post a screenshot of your security details.

    As a test, I just added the IOZ ticker to my Personal Plus 2019 installation with the following configuration.

    I then ran a One Step Update and received the following results.

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