Invoice amount change

Jo Janssen
Jo Janssen Member Posts: 10
  • I have some invoices that my customers have not paid in full e.g. 5c short. I would like to simply change the amount so that they do not show as unpaid, but have not been able to do this.


  • Kris_Williams
    Kris_Williams Member Posts: 3,393 Reckon Accounts Hosted Expert Reckon Accounts Hosted Expert

    I do this all the time, what exactly is the problem? Sometimes it’s easier to just add another line with the .05 on it to any item. Then you have to go back to the receive payment and tick/uptick the relevant invoice so the .05 balance disappears

  • Lynne_8946547
    Lynne_8946547 Member Posts: 93 ✭✭

    If you don't want to change the amount, then put through a Credit/Adjustment note for the amount. That way you have a paper trail.