Reckon now displaying accounts as full name - Want child account only

sstainmagensstainmagen Member Posts: 4

We have an issue where a Error IIF BILL file was uploaded, creating 2 new accounts.

The addition of these accounts seem to have changed the way in which all accounts are now being displayed on transactions, journals and reports.

The display is now showing the account name as the parent and child description.

We only want to show them as the child account

Also, is there any way to delete the 2 new accounts that have been added to the chart? We deleted the transactions and journals on them, but cant seem to remove it from the chart.


  • sstainmagensstainmagen Member Posts: 4

    Ive added an example here;

    This used to just show the child account (highlighted) here.

  • sstainmagensstainmagen Member Posts: 4

    The erroneous accounts needed to be updated with Account numbers to then allow this to be turned on again.

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