STP - Finalisation Errors

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We have finalised our STP for the 2020 year, however the ATO have advised that 1 employee has a Finalised STP and an Un-Finalised STP.

The Finalised STP lodgement contains the correct figures, but the Un-Finalised STP is incorrect. The ATO have advised we need to lodged another STP finalisation, but I'm not sure if that will help.

Does anyone have a solution for this?



  • Jay Jay Li
    Jay Jay Li Alumni Posts: 36

    Hi Paul,

    To correct the mistake depends on the reason how the duplication occurred there are different methods to fix the issue.

    We suggest you contact ATO and find out if the duplication was due to a change of employee number if it might due to incorrect use of TFN. once you have the details contact Reckon hosted support team for steps to fix the issue.

  • Paul1234
    Paul1234 Member Posts: 2

    Hi Jay Jay Li,

    Thank your for your help.

    I have contacted the ATO again and worked out that the employee number was changed during the year. So when the STP Finalisation was lodged it correctly reported the YTD pays, but left the previous pays under the old employee number as Un-Finalised.

    How do you think we can fix this?

    The ATO have suggested to lodge an Update Pay event to fix this?

    I would need to change the employee number back to the incorrect number and then process a payroll reversal, then lodged the STP file to cancel all the pays in the incorrect number so that it is nil? Then change the employee number back to the correct one. Would that be right?