Leave Accural Wrong on Pay Slips

Hoping someone can help me.

I have Part Time Employees now wanting Payslips and when I went to email them out, I realised the Personal and Holiday leave were both wrong.

This is fine on Full Time employees, so contacted Reckon and they gave me this path to fix the problem.


I have done the wholearticle that Reckon sent me above several times, rebuild 3 times over and over.

Then created a new employee with all the details and still not working.

I have also tried to the 2 standard payslips as per another community advised rather than the custom - NO.

Is anyone else having this issue?

This has consumed nearly my whole day and I have resolved nothing.

Do hope someone has an easy fix 😫


  • Barbara Allen-GuthrieBarbara Allen-Guthrie Member Posts: 17

    After discussions with Reckon I need to create a new profile for all employees now using the same number.

    1. They tell me to "Enter payroll year to date values" and current leave accrued.

    But not how to do this, I have searched and cannot figure it out??

    Help please??

  • Barbara Allen-GuthrieBarbara Allen-Guthrie Member Posts: 17

    I honestly wonder why I pay $845 to Reckon for when I cannot even get the help I need!😬

  • Acctd4Acctd4 Accredited Partner Posts: 896 ✭✭✭
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    Hi Barbara

    Are the leave details correct in the employee’s record/pays but just not reflecting correctly on their payslips or is the issue that the leave itself is accruing/calculating incorrectly?

    Did you send the file to Reckon & they advised the original employee profiles were corrupted?

    I don’t have as much to do with the technical side but if it’s just calculating/accruing on the pays incorrectly, this will just be a Payroll Item configuration issue in which case it can/should be rectified without the need to create “new” employee records as this could cause other conflicts.

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  • Barbara Allen-GuthrieBarbara Allen-Guthrie Member Posts: 17

    Hi Shaz

    Yes leave in employee records spot on, but when I create a payslip they reflect something else.

    As they were casual staff I had to manually calculate leave each fornight so just entered them in I initially the "Hours Available" as I found nothing to tell me I should be entering into "Hours accured" before paying them unfortunately.

    Reckon staff logged into my computer but did not tell me the profile was corrupted, just that the problem was because I had entered into the wrong box and now the only way to fix it is create a NEW Profile, whcih I have done.

    And yesterday spend 3 hours entering all wages paid since 1/7/2020 into the new profile for 2 employees.

    BUT I am worried about the other conflict problems this might cause, hence doing it all from 1/7/2020 so that I can capture the whole YTD.

    And thank you for the YTD details under Employees, I have not done this as hoping above has solved the problem.

    Just need to know delete all old records from 1/7/20 and reconcile accounts and hope the PAYG summary is all god, then I can do the STP.

    Cheers Barb

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