Reckon fault in merger program (stock for stock)

When Reckon has a fault in their program, how do I get them to fix it.?


  • Rav
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    Hi @ericand

    Can you give me some more info on the issue you're contending with and which software it relates to.

    If you have screenshots of any error messages as well that would be helpful.


  • ericand
    ericand Member Posts: 2

    Northern Star (NST) & Saracen (SAR) are having a friendly merger.

    The new company will be known as Northern Star (NST)

    SAR will be issued 0.376 shares of NST for the holding of SAR.

    When I enter this merger in the "Corporate acquisition (stock for stock)

    It shows in the portfolio view but no change in "accounts section"

    Also in portfolio view if I delete Saracen from that view it restores Northern Stars

    details to their original pre merger numbers.

    Refers to "Corporate Acquisition (stock for stock" when entering transaction

    for merger of companies.

    Thanks in anticipation...Eric Anderson. 

  • Rav
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    Hi @ericand

    I'm not an expert in the type of activity you're trying to carry out so I've had a chat with our tech team for some insight instead.

    The first recommendation is to review the information and process in the following help guide linked below.

    Secondly, we ran through a merger ourselves to test and attempt to replicate what you are experiencing. See process below.

    If you delete the acquired share transaction, the software will adjust the transaction linked to it.  

  • ericand
    ericand Member Posts: 2

    Your response is toooo small to read.

    Your program is faulty.

    1. It doesn't record in the accounts list.
    2. Naturally when a company is merged, the company that no longer exists, is deleted from the "portfolio list" the acquiring companies previous details before the merger now appear.
    3. Is there a better way to make this transaction.